Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Wow, what a great hot weekend!!  There were, however, a few "disasters" in North Bay on the weekend - a formaldihyde truck crashed and spilled its contents into our lake, we're to not swim or drink the water until it's safe, the driver didn't survive the crash, more than 50 residences were evacuated; there was a bush fire (photo above) in the middle of the city off Ski Club Road below the ski hill that  threatened many houses, lots of water bombing by helicopters; and a house on Thibeault Hill was destroyed by a lightning strike.  I'm sure there were many more great things happening, but these ones sure put a damper on things on Monday.


mr fkia said...

Wow, my sense of timing was impecable. Thanks for the hospitality, I had a wonderful time!

Rob Greenfield said...

Glad you could come for a visit, Dave!

Anonymous said...

Hey Rob Marsh:

Hope things get back to normal sooner than later. Maybe time to come down for a visit.