Friday, May 25, 2012

 On Monday morning a semi-tanker truck crashed and spilled its 36,000 kg load of formaldehyde.  The contaminant eventually made its way into the lake.  More than 50 homes were evacuated, and most of the lake residents were to not use the lake water for anything (most rely on the water for drinking).  The highway was closed to traffic.  This is the last closure warning before the crash site, just up from Peninsula Road.

This is another photo looking towards the crash site.  In the distance on the small hill sits an OPP vehicle in case folks dismiss the sign.

 On Thursday afternoon, after 3 1/2 days of the highway being closed, the road was finally opened.  Some evacuated folks were allowed back to their homes, but many were still not allowed back.  I had to be careful taking photos from my moving vehicle due the police presence and the "no hand held device" driving law.

 This is where the tanker left the road.  A police neighbour of mine suggested the driver, who was dead upon arrival at the hospital (no cause of death known yet), may have had some "trouble" prior to the accident since he apparantly never even attempted to negotiate the curve in the highway - he drove straight off the road.

This is one of the excavators cleaning up the crash debris and probably some of the contaminated soil.  As I drove through the site, fresh after the highway opening, my windows were down ( it was 29C), and I noticed a very strong formaldehyde smell.  I can hardly imagine what it must have been like prior to any cleanup as the smell I was noticing on the 3rd day was still pretty strong.


mr fkia said...

So the poison ended up in One Mile Bay?

Rob Greenfield said...

nope, towards town from there near the start of Silver Lady Lane

Unknown said...

:( my brother was the driver. since I live in California, It's hard to find out exactly what happened. thanks for sharing