Thursday, September 22, 2011

Last evening, due to a phone call from Mr. P. and noticing it from our shore, Bob and I boated across the lake to investigate a large fire that spewed a lot of black smoke.

Upon arriving on the other side of the lake we found quite a large fire.

The fire was in an area the size of a full basement, and it was clearly unattended - no one around anywhere except for us, in the boat, on the lake.
After a time I called 911. I ended up calling a few times to continue the report.

Finally the East Ferris Volunteer Fire Dept. arrived; however, they spent a lot of time finding the lot on the lake with the fire. We noticed the vehicles driving along Centennial Cr. past the fire, so I called 911 again to tell them they had missed it. I did this twice until the 911 person finally got my cell number and gave it to the fire chief. He called me, and with some difficulty, I didn't know the exact layout of lanes and roads off Centennial Cr. from my lake vantage point, we finally got them directed to the fire. All in all, it was a good "Boy Scout" moment - do a good deed every day.


mr fkia said...

What the heck is a " bull basement "?

Rob Greenfield said...

a Bull basement is the basement equivalent of a man-cave ... actually Dave, a common error I spend time with my students about - spell check "rewards" you that words are spelled correctly, which makes it harder for the writer to find wrong words when proof reading. A good reason to have a proofreader, but hey, then we wouldn't be talkin'

Krys and Paul said...

A truly good deed! The fire warning, I mean.