Thursday, September 01, 2011

I copied the information below from my pal, UC, and his blog (on my links - "Phone call from the Urban Cowboy")

UC and I are both pals of the folks mentioned below, and we're quite enthused about this latest project.

Please follow the "escapades" during the latter part of September on UC's blog

Pedal With A Purpose

Just when you think my buddy Mike's harebrained bicycle trips couldn't get any more, well, harebrained, oops, he's doing it again.

So what's he been up to lately?

Well, he just finished a 12 day trip down the California coast this spring. Then a short while ago he did a gruelling 32 day adventure pedaling from Ottawa to Key West.

"So what crazy thing is he doing this time?" you ask?
"Pedalling across China? Snork, snork?"

Close - Vietnam.

With his who-I-used-to-think-was-sensible daughter, Julie.

But why not have Mike tell you about it himself.

So similar to Jimmy Buffett's Parrotheads, who "Party With A Purpose", they are going to "Pedal With A Purpose".

To support them, go to "Cycle for Care Vietnam 2011" and donate directly on-line.

Scroll down to "2011 Cyclists" and you will see both Julie and Mike's names. Click on Julie's name, as they have a joint account.

[Clicking on Mike's name just sends you into the ether. Surprize, surprize...]

And who knows, maybe I'll get some updates from Mike & Julie along the way to keep all informed of their progress.

The trip runs from Sept 18 through Sept 30. Go to "Itinerary" for more information on the trip itself - and to see that they are not just biking around Merrickville....

Good luck, guys!

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