Thursday, December 10, 2009

This photo was taken a couple of years ago, but the yard looked pretty much like this yesterday after the storm.


Anonymous said...

Rob: I heard you broke NB record for snowfall. Time to invest in a front end blower for your 4 wheeler. Think about drinking a nice hot toddy while listening to your stereo, warm as a button. Doesnt that sound better than pushing a couple snow blowers around and you could charge to blow out your neighbours as well.

Good Luck the rest of the year.

Anonymous said...

Good idea Butch, especially since Rob just told the world, on record, that he hates winter.
And now that he pulled his ******, I mean *****, playing hockey. A plow makes even more sense.
But then again, Rob's a man's man and likes to get out there and get physical and pull his *****.
...guess we'll see.

Rob Greenfield said...

I'm so glad I provide a service for folks to poke at me.