Sunday, April 12, 2009

This is Four Mile Creek as it runs underneath Highway 63; the highway runs northeast from North Bay to Temiskaming, Quebec, and the creek flows down from Four Mile Lake on top of the escarpment in North Bay to Four Mile Bay of Trout Lake. They, whoever "they" are, sure were original back when they were naming the local waters.

This is Four Mile Creek as it empties into Four Mile Bay. Not much open water at the mouth yet, but enough to keep the Canada Geese and an occasional Blue Heron happy until there is more melting.

Four Mile Bay is still heavy with ice. I sure hope the next week of warmer temperatures and sunny days helps with changing that.


Urban Cowboy said...

Hey, how come you only showed three pictures of Four Mile Bay/Lake/Creek/River/Tributary?

Anonymous said...

hahahahahaha, had to break the "cycle".