Tuesday, November 09, 2010

On a short downhill lane way in old Quebec City artists display and sell their work to throngs of tourists. The artist or artist's "caretaker" took great offense when I took this photo of his wildly coloured work. He accosted me and demanded I delete the photo from my camera. He said the little icon in my photo (where's Waldo) should have alerted me that photos weren't allowed. I fumbled a bit, quite taken aback, and persisted that I didn't know how to delete photos from my camera; I don't, really; I never delete from my camera; I only delete photos from my computer after I upload them from my camera. Anyway, I'm glad I wasn't able to delete the photo. I went away from that encounter quite agitated, and later I wanted to go back and "deck" him or take a whole ton of photos. The "good angel" on my shoulder won, and I let it go, and we went to an outdoor cafe for some refreshments.

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