Sunday, September 05, 2010

When I was in Oxford Mills it was warm, not hot, and humid with rain. I took a bike trip through the area, and took pictures, of course. The humidity affected the camera as there was always mist on the lens, even with constant cleaning. The result was a number of photos "in the fog." This building, I believe, is either the Library or the Town Hall.


Fins Up 2 said...

...Prolly not the only thing that was foggy in Oxford Mills?

Anonymous said...

This was the Township Hall for the former Township of Oxford-on-Rideau until amalgamation into North Grenville in 1998. Up until that time it contained the Council chambers upstairs, and downstairs were the municipal offices, including the building department.
That was my window on the ground floor 3rd from the left.
Merrickville Jim

Rob Greenfield said...

Hey, Thanks, Jim, for the history lesson. I do remember you being in that office years ago when we first met. Missed you at HA, and missed getting together to jam.

Anonymous said...

Saw most of the HA gang at the restaurant Sunday morning, while you were out taking foggy pictures.They looked sort of foggy themselves.