Saturday, September 20, 2014

Redbridge General Store

This is one of my favourite stores.  You can buy gas, milk, candy, lotto tickets, smokes, bread, some boxed and canned food products, pop, candy, hardware items (nails, screws, plumbing stuff etc), fishing tackle, bait, AND beer, some cold, and liquor and wine.  Only in Ontario, eh?  Meanwhile our provincial politicians keep telling us they are not going to permit beer and wine to be sold in grocery and corner stores because, since the government of our province acts like our  parents and knows what's better for us than we do, it would be abused and under-aged folks may acquire some of the nasty stuff.  Well, it works in Redbridge and countless other small community stores in Ontario.  So what gives?!?!

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Karen said...

I know this place! We pass it on the way to the cottage - if we take the long way.