Thursday, November 07, 2013


Here it is ... Command Central.


FINS UP2 said...

Things I noticed about Rob in this picture:
- reading glasses due to decreased vision issues;
- an open beer in clear view;
- back up scotch in case things get rough;
- "to do" lists or "get from Canadian Tire list" cause he will forget everthing;
- hockey photos that make him happy;
- always tunes at the ready;
- organized, methodical with good reuse of tin can products;
- likes hats to cover bad hair especially on weekends and hockey nights.

Things that might be there but I cannot see:
- a lighter;
- papers;
- ashtray;
- an old album cover stapled to the wall;
- a singing fish.

Rob Greenfield said...

Mr Bond, spot on. 'cept what you're missing is, well, elsewhere, maybe, would a whistling otter do, and in the pre-fire house we had a whole wall in the laundry room filled with album covers on the wall, it was magnificant!