Saturday, January 01, 2011

The UC, apparently dressed in some Mideast head gear, looks down at the throngs from the Ice Marshal's Lair during a pit stop on a walkabout.

Sunny and the UC were doing some reconnaissance work at the end of Viceroy.

Nothing like a stroll through the bush in the back yard to "set the table" for some "pops" and great Chinese food.

rain rain rain

A different New Year's day this year than in the past. The temperature is expected to get to +8C, and the rain is to continue for a good part of the day. This afternoon the temperature will drop to -9C, and winter conditions should return. Today's levee at our place will be wet, but we will press on; however, the annual pond hockey will be postponed as the lake has a deep layer of water on top of "iffy" ice.


Krys and Paul said...

What a winter!

northerndreamer said...

Happy New Year! How about pictures of a lake dip? Haven't seen that in years.