Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Urban Cowboy came to town last week (see link to phone call from Urban Cowboy for a more "in-depth" account of the trip), and among other "events" we went for a bike ride through North Bay.

How would you like this sucker motoring along in front of your lakeshore - 1,000 horsepower!!!

UC checks in for action at work on his iPod. Well, actually, he doesn't work anymore, so he's probably checking out the score of the Blue Jays game.

A post bike ride de-briefing with the Ice Marshall was in order, as were the 5km beverages.


Anonymous said...

The Ice Marshal seems to be getting greyer, with each new decision required at the new building site - should be absolutely white in no-time!

Urban Cowboy said...

Great trip. And great 5k rule. More of life should have rules like that.....