Wednesday, May 05, 2010

Yesterday morning I went for a drive to investigate Monday evening's fire that the water bombers were pounding. Using my trusty sense of direction, I found the extinguished fire in Corbeil on Voyer Road alongside the Ottawa Valley RR tracks. About 2 km of land between the tracks and the road was burned, caused by sparks thrown from passing trains. On the other side of the road are several houses whose occupants were probably a bit worried while the fire was being fought. They did, however, have a ringside seat for the 2+ hours of water bombers. The bombers had an easier time than with other fires, I think (and my pilot friend, Butcher Brophey concurs), because they had the RR tracks to help line up their water bombing runs. On land, the MNR fire crews were ensuring the fires were suppressed. Funny, The Nuggett only ran 1 photo, taken by one of the worried home owners, with a short caption underneath the photo. Our small city newspaper, run by a larger city, Sudbury, really doesn't do too well on local stories as it seems to rely on wire services for its news reporting.


northerndreamer said...

So, tomorrow you will have interviews and pictures of the locals for us, won't you, Clark Kent?

Anonymous said...

Awful dry Spring hasn't it been...Perhaps, man should have made rubber wheels that go round and round...round and round? All day long.