Sunday, August 09, 2009

Off the tourist "path" in Havana, Cuba, there are many, many houses and buildings crumbling after 50 years of no money or supplies to maintain them. It looks like it won't be long before many of them will either fall down or need to be taken down, which is too bad as the varied old architecture is fabulous.


mr fkia said...

To be blamed on those asshole American politicians!!

Anonymous said...

Do you think we could purchase one these and fix it up?...or do we have an issue with obtainng reno materials?
It would be great to own one and be able to go whenever you wanted and have aplace to stay.

Anonymous said...

It seems that in a socialist country like that, nobody but the government owns real estate.
When we bicycled across Cuba in '06 we saw a lot of beautiful but crumbling buildings. Maybe things will change under Raul.
Merrickville Jim

Rob Greenfield said...

Spot on, Jim.