Thursday, May 28, 2009

Here's an overview of North Bay and Trout Lake in the distance to the east as we headed back to the airport to land.

This is another overhead shot of "the compound".

This is an original cottage and boat house, very little visible new upgrades. The underwater structures are really clear from the air.

McCoy's Tavern, the former Portage Hotel, is shown here with a recently departed boat from its dock cruising out of One Mile Bay.

This a look towards the east as Trout Lake drains into the Mattawa River System, including Turtle Lake, Lake Talon and then the Mattawa and its little lakes along the way to the town of Mattawa and the Ottawa River.


mr fkia said...

Did you use a long lens for these photos?

Rob Greenfield said...

Nope, I had the other camera, but space was at a minimum,so I just used the ol' Nikon.

mr fkia said...

Which means the Butcher was flying perilously close to some objects!

Rob Greenfield said...

No, we were above 1500 feet.